Aster on the Issues:

My Pledge to all students:

Establish meaningful partnerships with county commissioners and state legislators to establish after school programs to keep our youth engaged.

“Over 30 years I have served our community working with many of our most respected leaders and now I am ready to apply my experience, education, and connections to improve our public schools and provide quality after-school programs.” 

Expand M.A.S.S. (Music, Arts, Sports & Second Language) Programs

“Research has proven that Music, Arts, Sports, and Language programs facilitate learning other fields of study and enhance skills that children inevitably use in other subject areas.  Additionally, being biliterate is now a necessity and can double a student’s future income potential.”

Reduce standardized testing by seeking alternative ways to monitor student progress in a more fair and accurate manner

“We must find alternative ways to measure student performance without destroying the very education we are attempting to measure.”

Support parental involvement programs, parent career training and advocate for funding for full-time VPK programs

“Parents want and need to be partners in their child’s education and so I pledge to increase information and resources to help parents help their children succeed. Due to the increase of participation of both parents of young children in the workforce and the recognition that early childhood education contributes to school readiness, we must expand access to voluntary prekindergarten (VPK) programs.”

Expand and improve services to special needs students and create public/private partnerships to ensure families have adequate information and resources to available programs that will help all children succeed

“With the increase of students with autism and other special needs, families in District 7 are desperately asking for more services and programs to meet this demand.”

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